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The USA Route 41 is a highway in the United States that takes drivers from Miami in Florida to upper Michigan. A part of the highway, running from Naples to Miami, used to be the US 94 until 1949. Currently this part is known as a State Road (the SR 90).

Take the time for a stopover at the Travelodge by the highway

Every driver knows (or should know) how important it is to take a regular break from driving. After every two to three hours on the road it’s a good idea to stretch your legs and take in some fresh air. Making sure to keep well-hydrated is a sensible goal on the road. If your are driving with a family on board you will need to make regular bathroom trips as well! Consider taking a break at a Travelodge hotel on your route to get a good nights’ sleep befoe you get back on the highway the next day.

Travelodge hotels at great locations

If you are taking a longer trip along the highway you should consider planning a nightly stopover at a Travelodge hotel. Travelodge offers a great and comfortable place to stay at any of their hotels located in the USA or the UK or Canada. The Travelodge budget hotel chain has a great reputation when it comes to offering rooms at very reasonable prices, with an excellent service rating. One of the great benefits of staying at a Travelodge hotel is the fact that most of the hotels owned by this chain are situated very close to the USA highway network. This enables you to quickly exit and access the road and continue your journey towards your destination after your Travelodge stay.
Visit our website to plan a route for your next trip and enter your travel destination to find the best hotels (ranging from budget hotels and motels to luxury rooms) on your route. Enjoy a good nights’ rest in a comfortable Travelodge bed and drive on the next day!

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