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The I-35

If you’re looking to drive through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa or Minnesota; you might be forced to take highway I-35. With its impressive length of 1569 miles it’s no wonder this route gets driven thousands of times a day. In fact, it’s the third-longest north-south highway, only to be taken over by highway 75 and 95. Many people think highway I-35 is a “border to border” highway, but it doesn’t actually connect to any borders. It does come close, though! You could easily travel to Mexico taking this highway. Visit Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio in Texas, or if that’s not up to your forte you could visit Des Moines, Iowa or even Oklahoma City. The number of cities and sights to see is pretty big, since the route is so incredibly long. You could very well stop every few hours to see a new, different landscape. Isn’t that strange to think about? Whatever you do, though, make sure that you don’t fall asleep on the road. Driving can take its toll. That’s why many hotel chains have set up hotels that are accessible through major highways, like the I-35. You don’t even have to look up hotels by hand anymore; just use our free Hotel Route Planner tool. It finds hotels and B&B’s within minutes!

No more hassle

Do you remember just a couple years ago? Trying to find a hotel could be a true pain. It would sometimes take up to an hour to browse through all of the search results, and even then it would take you a while to find hotels that were relevant and within your price range. has made this so much easier; hotels along I-35 can be discovered in just a couple of clicks. Every day we gather new information about hotels, including hotels along I-35. We delete hotels that went out of business, take note of name changes, and add new hotels to our database. This ensures that you’ll always have up-to-date information about hotels along I-35 and other hotels.

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