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The I-90

The I-90 is a massive US highway that covers not 1, not 2, but 13 states! It covers a lot of ground, too. 3020 Miles of ground, to be precise. You can imagine taking this bad boy on for a road trip would take a lot of preparation and planning. While planning your trip, you should also take into account that you’ll need to rest up often. Thanks to it being such a long highway, you shouldn’t have any issues finding hotels along I-90 that have rooms available. Rest up after visiting Seattle, Boston, Montana, Chicago and other great cities you could visit using this highway.

Exciting prices

Hotels along I-90 don’t up their prices just because they are located in a convenient location. In fact, in some cases the prices are actually cheaper because they get so many customers. That’s excellent news for the average traveler who wants to drive along the I-90, or for people who are driving this highway for the adventurer-on-a-road-trip experience. You could try finding out which hotels along I-90 are good for you, or you could let a free tool do all of the work. Try out Hotel Route Planner to find hotels along I-90 that would be just perfect for you, or you and your friends.

Free tool to find hotels along I-90

As we mentioned before, on you can find a tool that will do all of the hard work for you. No need to do any searching by hand, and you don’t need to give the tool any kind of sensitive information. With the most basic information and a little push, the tool searches all over the internet for websites that have rooms available in hotels along I-90. Can you believe it? You could book a room in one of the hotels along I-90 in a couple minutes! Enjoy your road trip!

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