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The I-20

Some interstates are huge, whereas other highways only cover one state, thus labeling themselves “State Routes”. The I-20 is not one of those smaller routes. With its impressive length of 1539 miles it covers 6 out of the 50 states in the United States. Those states are; Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. You can see how this route would be excellent for travelers that want to see what Texas is all about, or get a taste of the south in Mississippi. If you do manage to visit Mississippi, we’ve got just the recommendation for you: Make sure you visit Cooper Falls in the small town of “Tishomingo”. We’ve never seen a lake the color of this one, but what’s extra special about Cooper Falls is the subtle waterfall that falls down from the trees. It’s a sight to behold! Other sights along this route are Rowan Oak in Oxford, with incredibly old buildings if you’re into that. All in all, if you’re looking to travel a long highway that has a lot of sights to view; the I-20 might just be for you. Since the whole route is more than 1500 miles long, it might be wise to stop every now and then. Get some rest, have a good meal and let your body relax for a while outside of a vehicle. Hotels are perfect for this, and lucky for you there are plenty of hotels along I-20 where you can catch a break. Use our Hotel Route Planner tool today to find your perfect place to rest amongst hundreds of hotels along I-20.

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The times where you needed to go through pages and pages of search results before you finally found your perfect hotel are over. With the Hotel Route Planner tool you can find on, your troubles are officially over. No more searching, no more guessing. All you need to do is fill in how long you are willing to drive for, or if you’ve got a set number of miles you’d like to drive for in mind. Once you hit “next”, a list of hotels along I-20 will show up in an instant. You then get to choose between them, and we’ve even made it easy for you; booking a room is only a couple clicks away.

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