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Microtel Inn and Suites are part of the well-known Wyndham Group hotel chain, making it possible of course to save and collect Wyndham Points during your stay in one of the hotels owned by this chain. The Microtel hotels offer rooms and suites for any kind of traveller. Are you on a business trip and do you need a great spacious room with a desk and a reliable Internet connection? Microtel is the place to be! Are you on a family break or taking a long drive through the nation? Get yourself a Microtel room on the road at an economy price!

Finding the best Microtel rooms on your route

Are you planning on taking a trip soon, whether it is by car along the highways or by plane? It can be a relaxing thought to know that you have a break planned in a comfortable room. Searching for the right room at the best rate and in the best location can be a time consuming chore. We are here to help you within a few seconds! Simply head to our easy to use website and enter your travel details. Within just a few seconds we will show you a range of available hotels that are located on your route, or very close to your route. This way you won’t have to drive around or make a detour whilst searching for your place to stay. We offer Microtel rooms, but of course we als have hotels and motels from other chains available, all at the best rates.

Booking your Microtel room

Finding your Microtel room through our site is quick and easy. Your booking can be made through our site too! With every single Microtel hotel room we offer detailed information on the location, facilities and pricing of your Microtel place to stay. This way you can make a well-informed choice before you book and know what to expect!

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  1. reading reviews on Microtel in ND, it said there was no GPS access to the hotel. We are arriving from Canada and would like to have an actual map to follow in the instance we run into the same problem. Thank you.

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