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The I-178

The I-178 is a very small highway that can be found in California. It exists in two segments, and these segments are connected by a variety of local roads and the I-190. Technically this route is not an interstate highway, but actually a “State Route”, because it is so small and only covers one state. The I-178 is only 167 miles long, but for such a small road it has plenty of uses. It connects the state route 99, but it also connects downtown Bakersfield with East Bakersfield and the beautiful Lake Isabella. If you are looking to see the upper Mojave Desert, part of Yosemite or just a scenic route to get you through to Las Vegas this might just be the route for you. Take in the sight of the beautiful “Owens Valley”, where dry land and mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. If that’s not to your liking, what about Lake Isabella? It’s quite a unique sight to see; the land around the lake itself is very dry, but the water is a beautiful color, and the mountains in the distance make for a breathtaking view. Have we convinced you yet? If so, definitely consider traveling this route in your travels. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all in one go; there are plenty of hotels along I-178 that will gladly take in weary travelers.

Hotels along I-178

When you think of a road trip, you don’t always think about having to rest. Staying in your vehicle the whole trip can, however, prove to be devastating for your sleep schedule (not to mention your back and neck areas.) Taking breaks to avoid these common complaints is the obvious solution. How about a good night’s rest in a hotel? Hotels along I-178 aren’t completely hidden on the internet; no tedious Google searches are even needed anymore. Just fill in how long you want to drive for or how many miles you want to drive before resting, and let our free Hotel Route Planner tool do the rest. You’ll find a concise list of hotels along I-178 right in front of you within minutes. The best part? We’ve partnered up with some hotel websites, so you’ll only need to click a couple times before your room is officially booked.

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