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The I-77

This highway is only 613 miles long, but it actually covers five whole states. There are United States highways that cover five states, but they do it in 1000 miles or more. That’s what makes this highway so special, other than the fact that you can see different landscapes all throughout the route. Rest in hotels along I-77 after a long day of seeing the rolling farmlands in Ohio, or the mountains in West Virginia. Visit Columbia, Charlotte, Cambridge and Ohio while you’re at it!

Figuring out hotels along I-77

Fortunately, modern times have made it very easy for people to find hotels along I-77. The internet has made everything so much easier! You don’t have to go through the phonebook and call numerous hotels along I-77 anymore, and you certainly don’t have to bother going through search results on Google or another search machine to find suitable hotels along I-77. In fact, there are many tools around that take this process completely out of your hands, and do the job more efficiently, not to mention quicker. One of these tools you can use to find hotels along I-77 is available at This website has a tool called the Hotel Route Planner tool. This tool is really quick and easy to use, so don’t hesitate to fill in some basic information and to use the tool. Search results typically show up in under 30 seconds. That’s a big difference from how people used to have to find hotels along I-77, isn’t it?

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