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Whether you are looking for a room with great amenities for the business traveler or a family hotel with the best entertainment such as a well-kept pool, games and plenty of TV channels, a room at a Holiday Inn is a great choice. The well-known Holiday Inn hotel group has hotels all over the world and has a deserved reputation of quality at a great price. Find the best Holiday Inn room at a great rate through our website on which we offer a handy and time-saving travel planner.

How to find the best Holiday Inn room for you

Simply enter your travel details into our planner and we will find the best Holiday Inn right where you want it. Do you want to stay near the highway? Close to an airport or practically next to the attraction that you and your family are visiting? We are here to help and find the perfect hotel for you in a matter of seconds! Holiday Inn hotels offer quality rooms at a great rate, making a Holiday Inn a perfect place to sleep during a stopover stay. We will present you with a list of the best hotels at your preferred location(s). Simply read the hotel reviews featured with every Holiday Inn description in our result list and pick your preferred hotel to book! Booking is as easy as possible on our website. You can find and book a room in only a few minutes, after which its time to look forward to your stay at the Holiday Inn!

The benefits of staying at a Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn hotels offer free high speed Internet, the best service provided by staff happy to help you and free stays and meals for kids! So if you are planning on taking the kids on a trip make sure to book a Holiday Inn hotel through our website and save money!

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  1. I am traveling to East Lansing MI on 10/1 and need a room Thurs night.My trip from NJ is 682 Miles to East Lansing. i need an affordable hotels about 45o mils from NJ in Ohio very close to Route 80 West

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