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The I-82

The I-82 is a highway that crosses only two states; Washington and Oregon. It’s only 143 miles long, which means you could drive the whole route in a day if you wanted to. At the end of the day make sure you do rest in one of the hotels along I-82, especially after seeing the Fred G. Redmon Bridge over Selah Creek, which at one point was the largest concrete arch bridge in North America, or after seeing the Yakima River Canyon. Of course it would also be a shame to pass up Washington, the capitol of America.

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This highway certainly has some wonderful sights to offer. The different landscapes, people and cities you could visit… the possibilities almost seem endless, don’t they? We understand that it can be a lot to take in, and that’s why we recommend taking breaks and having a bed to sleep in by the end of the day. You could plan an entire road trip using the free Hotel Route Planner tool that is available on, or you could book just one room if you’re just going for any of the hotels along I-82 for a business trip. We honestly think this tool is the best tool to use to find hotels along I-82 and any other highway if you take frequent trips or if you’re planning a long trip. It lets you fill in how long you want to drive for, or if you’d like to rest after a number of miles. Based on your personal criteria, it will then find hotels along I-82 that fit your needs perfectly. Doesn’t that sound good? Try it yourself today, and maybe you’ll find that perfect room out of the many hotels along I-82.

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