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The I-5

The I-5 is a highway you can find in California, and California only. Where most US highways cross multiple states, this one does not! It is still 796 miles long, though. That does make it quite a long highway, but it’s a good one if you’re looking to see all that California has to offer. See impressive bridges in Los Angeles, visit several monuments in San Diego or go to Sacramento if you’re into cultural institutions. California has a lot to offer, and by driving this highway you’ll get just about anywhere memorable. California also has a lot of hotels, so you won’t have to worry about getting tired on the road. Hotels along I-5 are there for you, but you have to make sure to book a room in advance. Need help finding hotels along I-5? Use!

How to use Hotel Route Planner tool

Looking for hotels along I-5? Look no further! has a free tool that you could use to find hotels along I-5 in a snap. Here’s what the tool needs to know: 1.) Do you want to travel for a set amount of time before you rest in a hotel or 2.) would you rather drive a set number of miles before you rest? The answer is up to you, but you must give the tool at least one of these answers. This is how the Hotel Route Planner tool calculates which hotels along I-5 are best suitable for your needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to find hotels along I-5 that are exactly 5 hours down the route, or exactly 200 miles? That’s why hundreds of users use this Hotel Route Planner tool every day, whether they’re looking for hotels along I-5 or other hotels.

Rooms in hotels along I-5

We can’t make you do anything, but one helpful tip we do want to give you is to ALWAYS book your room in advance! Hotels along I-5 are no different than other hotels in the country, and rooms still go on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking a room in hotels along I-5 in advance means a guaranteed stay, and it of course gives you the peace of mind that comes with that fact. Have you booked your room yet?

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