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The I-76

One of the smaller highways you can find in the United States is the I-76. While it does cover an average number of three states (Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey), the highway itself is only 434 miles long. It passes major cities like Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, as well as Philadelphia and the Walt Whitman Bridge in New Jersey. By the way, if you ever have a chance to go on a road trip along this highway, make sure to check out this bridge. It’s a beautiful green shade, spans the Delaware River and is named after the famous poet Walt Whitman. While the highway might be a bit on the smaller side, it’s still recommended you take breaks every now and then. You know, eat something, grab something to drink or just soak up the sun for a bit. Whatever you do; don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Make use of the numerous hotels along I-76, and book your room in advance while you’re at it.

Hotels along I-76: are they expensive?

Some people think that hotels along highways are a lot more expensive than hotels anywhere else in the country. That, however, is not true. Hotels along I-76 are exactly the same prices as if the hotel were located anywhere else! That’s good news for you, of course. They don’t charge special fees just because they are located so conveniently. In fact, hotels along I-76 have such a convenient location that some are actually cheaper, because they have so many customers. Want to find the perfect hotel amongst the many hotels along I-76? Try the Hotel Route Planner tool. With just some basic information the tool is able to find sometimes up to 100 search results in less than a minute.

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