Road trip planner with stops

Planning a road trip: find hotels along your route:

Road trips can be the most fun; just you and your friends or family traveling to a destination… anything could happen! Road trips are spontaneous and adventurous, but don’t let faith decide everything. We recommend at least outlining a route so you know which way you’re heading exactly. We also advise not doing the trip in one go: have at least one stop for small trips and a couple stops for a big trip, so you can get rested and have some time off the road as well. For this, you can use our road trip planner with stops to find suitable hotels.

Managing the costs effectively

When you plan at least a little bit ahead, you are keeping control over your wallet. By outlining a route and planning which hotel or B&B you’ll be staying at gives you a good idea about what kind of spending money you have left for the actual trip. Plus, you’re preventing hotels charging you a ridiculous amount just because you’re checking in last-minute. With our road trip planner with stops you can find hotels and bed and breakfast places along your desired route. The road trip planner with stops is so easy to use! Why not see for yourself?

Give your car a break

It’s not just you that benefits from have a rest every now and then, your car will thank you in the long run as well. When you choose a hotel or B&B from our road trip planner with stops, you can rest easy knowing your car is cooling down and getting ready for another day on the road- just like you!

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  1. I am traveling from Valencia, CA to Arts Institute of Chicago via Vegas, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, ending in Chicago. Would like to know places to stay in each state. Thanks!

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