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The i-101

The i-101 is a relatively short highway, but still stretches a good 1540 miles across the United States. Did you know that there is a fun bit of history connected to the I-101 highway? Back in the day the United States had a lot of Spanish settlers that were trying to discover land, claim land, set up colonies and more. The highway I-101 is roughly based on the old trail that linked these “Spanish missions”. The highway runs on the west coast of the United States, and covers California, Oregon and Washington. Where this particular highway used to be very important to get around the West Coast with, it’s importance has been significantly reduced with the newer interstate 5 (I-5). This newer highway covers more major cities, is more modern and is slightly faster. That doesn’t mean that this highway is any less beautiful than other routes across the US; it’s a great interstate to get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco Bay, or if you’re looking to get a good look at the iconic signage in Hollywood. Looking to travel along the I-101? Are you ready to see the Capitol of the United States, be enamored with the lovely San Francisco or be taken aback by the rugged terrain of the Oregon Coast? Don’t hesitate to use our free Hotel Route Planner tool. There’s plenty of hotels along I-101, and we will gladly help you find them.


Cheapest hotels along I-101

Are you having trouble finding hotels along I-101? Fret no more; the Hotel Route Planner tool takes all the trouble out of it. We’re not saying we will always find you the best or cheapest hotels (what hotel you end up going with is up to your personal preference), but we will do our best to find the most hotels along I-101, so you have a large range of hotels to choose from. We think variety in hotels and B&B’s is important: quantity definitely matters. The cheapest hotels along I-101 will show up using our free Hotel Route Planner tool, but we also made sure to include some more expensive hotels, in case you are looking to treat yourself.

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