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The I-85

The I-85 is 668 miles long, and can be found in 5 states. These states are: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. You could use this route to travel to Richmond near Virginia, or to visit Atlanta and Columbus. Is it the perfect route for a road trip? You decide! Use to find out which hotels along I-85 have rooms available, and build your entire route around where these hotels along I-85 are.

Trying to find hotels along I-85?

We understand that it can often be tricky to find hotels along I-85. You’re probably tired of doing it all by hand; looking at pages of search results and calling hotels along I-85 yourself gets pretty tiring after a while. Times like that are in the past, fortunately. There are ways to find hotels along I-85 that don’t include tedious practices like you used to have to do. It’s almost magical. Take the Hotel Route Planner tool, for example. It’s an easy tool that only needs small tidbits of information in order to give you a comprehensive list of hotels along I-85. Best of all, those hotels along I-85 will always fit your criteria. Looking for a hotel exactly 6 hours from where you started? has got your back. Only want to drive 100 miles on the second day of your road trip? The Hotel Route Planner tool gladly shows you relevant hotels along I-85, and it’ll only take a couple of seconds for it to do so. It’s really that easy!

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