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The I-70

Visit Baltimore, Maryland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver and the Rocky Mountains today! How, you ask? By taking the 2151 miles long interstate I-70. This route travels through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. It’s actually quite an impressive highway, seeing as in Utah and Colorado the I-70 goes through the Eisenhower Tunnel AND the Glenwood Canyon. If seeing ten states and being in your car nonstop doesn’t sound good to you; don’t fret. Take advantage of the many hotels along I-70. I mean, there’s over 2000 miles of road, so that must mean there’s tons of hotels along I-70.

Hotels along I-70 and how to find them

Where you used to have to:

  • Look up several hotel chains, open several tabs and having to look at multiple rooms yourself
  • Go through pages of results only to turn up empty-handed
  • Call around to ask if any hotels had any available rooms

You don’t need to do any of that anymore. The internet has come so far these days, that there are several tools out there that take away all of these worries. One of these tools is the Hotel Route Planner tool you can find on This tool is excellent for advanced internet users, but is so simple even elderly users can use it. It doesn’t take much to find hotels along I-70. The tool only needs a couple bits of information to do its job correctly; how long you’d like to drive for, or how many miles you want to drive before stopping at a hotel. You don’t have to answer both questions. Just one answer, and the tool will give you several results that include all kinds of hotels along I-70, from B&B’s to motels to proper hotels. Which hotels along I-70 sound good to you? It’s all personal preference, but different people want different hotels. It also depends on what the purpose of your travels are. If you’re on a business-trip you’re not looking to pamper yourself, but a traveler on a road-trip might opt for a fancy hotel every now and then. Whatever your purpose for traveling the I-70 is, the Hotel Route Planner tool can help you choose from many hotels along I-70.

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