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The I-55

You can find the 964 miles’ long highway I-55 in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. You might not know this, but interstates that end with the number 5 usually are all cross-country and north to south routes. This one in particular connects the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and it crosses the Mississippi River twice, so if you’re interested in seeing this river this route is certainly for you. Driving along the route you’ll find the third-longest viaduct in the world in Louisiana, or visit Memphis in Tennessee. Memphis has what is often referred to as “America’s most Iconic Street”, and it’s where you’ll find lots of live music and restaurants. All in all, driving the I-55 means you’re in for a ton of fun. Take frequent breaks to avoid becoming a weary driver, though! Hotels along I-55 are easily discoverable if you use

Hotel Route Planner tool

As you probably know by now, there’s tons of hotels you can find in the USA. There’s hotel chains like Super 8, there’s independent companies and more. Many of these hotels opt to have an establishment close to a highway, so that customers have easy access to the hotel. That’s why you’ll also find plenty of hotels along I-55. These hotels along I-55 can be kind of difficult to filter out, and we understand you’re sick and tired of going through search results. That’s why developed a convenient Hotel Route Planner tool. This tool needs some basic information to operate, but once you’ve filled that in, it will find you plenty of hotels along I-55. Keep in mind that these hotels along I-55 still operate like normal hotels, so it’s recommended you book a room in advance.

Booking a room with Hotel Route Planner has partnered with several hotel chains, so that you can book a room in one of the hotels along I-55 within just a couple of clicks. You don’t even have to actually visit any other website than ours; it’s really that simple! Fill in the information, use the tool, find hotels along I-55 that you like and book your room. Completely hassle-free.

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