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The I-64

Many travelers love taking the interstate I-64. Not just for its length of 953 miles, a variety of landscapes in 6 different states, but also for the fact that it is such a smooth road. That might be a weird thing to say, but very recently most of the highway has been repaved and some parts of it have been completely rebuilt. That makes it a great road for travelers that literally want a “smooth experience”! Visit Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia all by taking this beautiful highway. Indiana has wonderful bridges, and of course the big city Indianapolis you can visit. West Virginia is known for its green landscapes and many trees, but Charleston and Huntington are cities you can’t pass up either. When taking the I-64 to Virginia, don’t forget to pay a visit to Virginia Beach! If, after a long day of seeing sights and taking it all in, you find yourself tired… don’t fret. There’s plenty of hotels along I-64 you can rest in. Book rooms in hotels along I-64 in advance, though!

Free tool to find hotels along I-64

Say goodbye to the days where you would need to go through page after page of search results, only to find out that none of the hotels you found were actually anywhere close to what you were looking for. Instead, say hello to the Route Planner tool at, where we’ll gladly look for hotels along I-64 for you. Simply fill in how long you are willing to drive for, or for how many miles you are willing to drive for, and let the tool do all of the searching. Results will show up in several seconds, and what you are left with is a concise list of hotels along I-64 that fit your requirements. No, really. It’s that easy! Don’t let search machines ruin your mood; simply use the Hotel Route Planner tool. Never search for hotels along I-64 again!

Using Hotel Route Planner tool

The Hotel Route Planner tool is so simple, any internet user of any age would be able to use it. We ask only the most basic information to find hotels along I-64, so don’t worry about any sensitive data being collected by this tool. You can answer one of the two questions: How long would you like to drive for, or how many miles would you like to drive for? Either answer will turn up a bunch of results for hotels along I-64. After looking through these results, you might find your perfect hotel out of all the hotels along I-65. No need to go to a third-party website; you can do your booking right here. has partnered with hotels along I-65 to make it as easy as possible for you to book a room.

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