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The I-79

There’s this really cute ice cream shop in Morgantown you just HAVE to visit! And what about one of the biggest cities in West Virginia, Charleston? Their malls are ridiculously large, and definitely worth a visit. Other cities you can visit when driving along the 343-mile-long highway I-79 are Pittsburgh and Frametown. Sure, Pittsburgh is a little bit just off the highway, but it’s skyline at night is just breathtaking. This small highway still has a lot of beautiful sights to offer, and it’s a great one if you’re just looking for a two or three-day road trip. Rest up in hotels along I-79 so you don’t get tired on the road, because a tired driver is a dangerous driver! There’s a lot of hotels along I-79, despite its short length.

Hotels along I-79

Looking for hotels along I-79? Today is your lucky day! What if we told you that it’s not necessary to use search machines and your own calculations to find hotels along I-79, but that there’s an easy-to-use Hotel Route Planner tool you could use for free? It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s the reality we live in right now; the internet has made everything so much easier for us. It’s like a “the future is now!” scenario, where everything is so much easier because of the internet. Before you know it, robots will have taken over and we only have to say a single voice command to find hotels along I-79. That’s a little futuristic, but hey… you never know what the future holds, right? For now, the Hotel Route Planner will have to do. Sure, you need to fill in how you want the tool to search for hotels along I-79 (do you want it to look for hotels along I-79 in a certain timeframe or within a set number of miles), but that’s about all the information you need to give for the tool to do its job. It only takes a couple of seconds for the tool to return a bunch of results. You’ll have a room booked in one of the hotels along I-79 in a snap.

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