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Seeing the USA with the I-40

Lovers of diverse landscapes, rejoice! Let the I-40 take you on a wonderful adventure across the United States. This highway is a massive 2555 miles long, and stretches from coast to coast. See 8 states and a variety of landscapes when traveling along the I-40, and make sure to take lots of pictures. This route is perfect for people who are looking to truly experience all of the different landscapes of the United States; you’ve got impressive mountains in California, and the dry desert of New Mexico produces lovely sights as well. One memorable experience we wish upon anyone is a visit to the City of Music, Nashville. It’s where Elvis has some significant roots, and other great musicians have some history there too. If you’re ever near the Rocky Mountains, which you’ll be when taking the I-40, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. They are magnificent! With all of these sights to take in, you do have to keep in mind you need to rest occasionally. Don’t let the excitement get to your head and stay safe by getting sleep in hotels. Hotels along I-40 are within your reach. See which hotels along I-40 still have rooms available, and book a room today!

Booking a room in advance

Hotels along I-40 are no different than other hotels in the country, but they do like it when you book a room in advance. Booking a room in advance also means you have a guaranteed room, and you won’t have to worry about whether a room is even available for you or not. can help with booking a hotel room in one of the many hotels along I-40. We only ask for the most basic information, and you can fill in whether you’d like us to look for hotels along I-40 within a certain mile radius, or if you’d rather base your search on the amount of time you usually like to drive for. Once you’ve filled in this information in our simple and free Hotel Route Planner tool, the results will show you many hotels along I-40 that have rooms available for you.

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