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Extended Stay Hotels and its connected brands currently operate over 650 hotels offering over 75,000 rooms all across the United States and Canada. Extended Stay Hotels are of course perfect for a long term stay, but the rooms can also be booked for only a day, a few days or a week. It’s up to you! Are you switching homes and need an inbetween place to stay? Do you want to enjoy a leisure break in a room with many amenities? Would you like to bring your pet? Most Extended Stay Hotels offer pet friendly rooms. Your pet is part of your family after all!

Book your Extended Stay Hotels room

Are there any specific locations that you need or want to be close to when staying in a hotel? We can find the best Extended Stay Hotels for you at a perfect rate and a perfect location! Make the most of the handy travel planner on our website and simply enter your travel details or your preferred airport or other location. We only need a few seconds to present you with an overview of the best available rooms in Extended Stay Hotels on your route or next to you preferred location!

The Extended Stay Hotels amenities

Of course the amenities offered by any specific hotel may vary from another, so make sure to check the detailed information that we present with every single hotel description in our search results. Most Extended Stay Hotels offer fully equipped kitchens with a stovetop, a microwave oven and of course all you need in a well-equipped kitchen. The beds are comfortable, the bedding is of the best quality and you pick the pillows that are most comfortable for you from the range in your room! There is free WiFi in your room and of course you can enjoy our many films and TV channels! Head to our planner now and grab the best rate for you Extended Stay Hotels room!

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