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Best Western along your route

The Best Western hotel chain is a well known and resonably priced hotel chain with hotels spread out over the world. The American Midwest (a series of states situated just east of the United States’ center) is often called the ‘heart’ of America. This area offers many popular vacation attractions in the United States and has certainly outgrown its reputation as an area of farms and fields. Places like Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis along the M-10 highway are great places for a short stopover at a Best Western hotel by the highway during a longer drive. However, you can find great Best Western hotels all over the USA.

Best Western, a safe and comfortable place to stay

Best Western offers comfortable rooms at budget prices in a large number of locations all across the USA. With over 4000 hotels in more than 100 countries worldwide, Best Western knows how to make any stay at their hotels one to remember. We offer the opportunity to plan your trip in America and include a stopover stay at a Best western hotel on your route.

Choosing the perfect location of a hotel or motel for a stopover stay can be a time consuming matter. We are happy to search the best hotels for you that connect to your trip. After a good nights’ rest at your Best Western you won’t need to make a long detour to get back to the highways! The Best Western hotel chain has won many awards for their safetly, service and facilities. Enter your trip details on our website and we will present you with an overview of the Best Western hotels close to you!

Make use of the handy travel planner on our website and choose a great Best Western hotel for your stay. Enjoy a great breakfast before you continue your journey and add a great night to your trip! We are here to help you find the best hotel or motel for your journey.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    We are planning to travel from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada via Bangor Main Via Conway /North Conway to Montreal than returning via Fredricton back tyo Halifax, could you advise me of Best Western hotels on this route.
    Richard Meagher

  2. We are planning to travel from Halifax Nova Scotia to Montreal via Bangor Maine, to Conway/North Conway to Brousard to Montreal, then returning through Fredricton New Brunswick.
    Weould appreciate if you would let me know or Best Western hotels on route.
    Richard Meagher

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