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The I-94

The I-94 connects seven states; Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. The highway is 1585 miles long, and can be used to visit cities like Fargo, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and more. With it being a long highway, you can’t just take it all on in one day, especially if you’re trying to do a road trip by driving along this route. You’re going to want to plan this trip carefully, mapping out hotels along I-94 that you could use to sleep in. Thankfully, there is a free Hotel Route Planner tool available on that you can use to quickly find hotels along I-94.

The perfect match for you

Out of all the hotels along I-94, we get that you might get intimidated by how many search results could come up if you fill in your criteria and the tool shows you more than 20 or 50 results. How do you even begin to filter out these hotels along I-94? How do you know which hotels along I-94 are good, and which ones aren’t? Well, we’ve partnered with several hotel booking websites that specialize in rating these hotels along I-94, and telling you which ones just might fit your needs perfectly.

Competition? No thanks!

These hotels along I-94 might be competitors if they’re close to each other, but we’re trying to make sure you don’t notice any of that rivalry going on. is always independent, and strives to give you a straight answer at all times. That’s why all of the results of hotels along I-94 and other highways will always be non-biased. This way we guarantee you’ll get the best deal, and you can be sure we’re not biased to show you a certain result. Finding hotels along I-94 has never been easier, not to mention safe as well. will never use your information or results about hotels along I-94 for any kind of malicious purpose.

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