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The I-80

The I-80 is a huge highway that took several years to complete, as you can imagine. It is almost 3000 miles long (2899 miles to be exact), and is a route often taken for really long road trips or business travels. You can visit New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Nebraska, Iowa and many more iconic cities taking this route. It’s perfect for those looking to experience the true essence of America; a wide range of landscapes and a large variety of types of people can really enrich your own life. Always rest up, even when you’re on the road. Sleeping in your car can be super uncomfortable, so make sure you use the hotels along I-80.

Hotels along I-80

Aren’t you glad it’s not the nineties anymore? The internet and computers have come so far. We used to use computers only for simple math and really bad looking videogames, but we can do so much more now. It has made everything much simpler. One thing it has also simplified really well is looking for hotels. Kiss the days where you had to search everything by hand goodbye, and say hello to the days where you can have a tool do all of the looking up. There’s a tool for just about everything, but did you know that with a Hotel Route Planner tool you could find hotels along I-80? It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s really not; with basic information and a couple clicks the tool on will turn up several search results of hotels along I-80. You can look at these hotels along I-80, determine which one you like best and have a room booked in one of them in mere seconds. Just something to keep in mind when looking at hotels along I-80… Make sure to book in advance! Hotels along I-80 aren’t that much different compared to other kinds of hotels, so of course booking in advance is preferred.

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