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Super 8 is a hotel chain with quality hotels and rooms all over the United States. Staying at a Super 8 means being surrounded by the best facilities, great comfort and friendly and professional service. The staff at the hotels are there to make your stay one to remember and are happy to assist you. There are Super 8 hotels in every single state, making it possible to plan an (interstate) trip by car through the USA, including a stopover at your favorite Super 8.

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Visit our detailed and easy-to-use website to plan your next trip! Simply enter your destination(s) and we will present you with an easy list of affordable quality Super 8 places to get some rest. Book a room through our site in one of the available Super 8 hotels and make sure to get a good nights’ sleep before you drive on the next day. The hotels that we present are situated close to the route that you are taking. So there is no need to make a detour and your can get back to the highway and drive on the next morning! Make the most of your trip by grabbing a great meal or breakfast and a good rest in a Super 8 motel at a very reasonable price.

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Explore the country with Super 8 and make the most of the Super 8 hotels in many locations. Super 8 offers special deals and discounts for those who book early. On our website we will present you with the best room rates available at the time of your search request. Found the room you want? Simply make your booking through our site and enjoy looking forward to your break at one of these great hotels. It could not be easier! With every hotel in our search results list you will find a detailed description of the hotel, facilities and services on offer.

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