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Motel6 is a American national hotel chain offering a large number of top quality hotels in any destination in America. The hotels are situated close to the highways and airports, making a Motel6 room a great choice if you are taking a long drive across the states. Motel6 offers hospitatlity at its best and there is a large number of discount options if you book your room with Motel6.

Staying with Motel6 in your preferred location

There are over 99 locations where you will find a Motel6 place to stay, all over the USA. We offer an easy way to find the best hotel for your trip. Are you looking for a cheap but good stopover hotel close to your route? Let us do the searching for you. Simply enter your trip details on our website and wel will present you with the Motel6 rooms closest to your route! Of course we also present you with clear information on facilities and the comfort level of your preferred Motel6. Motel6 offers a free place to stay for your pets and service animals. On top of that Motel6 offers discounts to AARP-members and military personnel. Kids aged 17 and under stay for free in your room if you make a booking with Motel6 and of course the staff at your Motel6 will be able to assist you with any specific requests or need for information. Enter your travel details on our website now and start planning your trip!

Reserving your Motel6 room could not be easier

Planning a trip can be stressful. To make your upcoming trip a success we are here to help you with detailed information regarding hotels, motels and booking rooms close to your route. Make the most of your trip and book a relaxing stay, a stopover or a mini-break in one of our quality hotels. Simply head to our website and start planning. We are here to help!

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  1. We are going to travel in the near future Rt40E to ohio, need to know if your have ample room for a 26ft truck with a car trailer to maneuver in and out of your hotels. thanks

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