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The I-75

The I-75 highway is 1786 miles long and goes through 6 different states; Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. You might’ve noticed that the highway ends in a “5”, which means that the highway looks almost like a vertical stripe across the country. It’s a perfect route for a road trip for people who are looking to visit impressive woods, but would still like to experience warmer climates (like the beaches in Florida). Visit Miami and Tampa in Florida if you’re looking for tourism hotspots, or if you’d like to enjoy the feel and liveliness of a city, visit Detroit in Michigan.

Hassle-free hotel booking in hotels along I-75

Say goodbye to the days where you had to go through a lot to find hotels along I-75. You don’t have to:

  • Look up different hotel chains, compare rooms and more
  • Compare prices yourself
  • Figure out where the hotels along I-75 were located, and if you’d be able to make it there within a certain amount of time or miles

Let these worries be taken away by How can one simple website take away all this, you ask? Well, there’s this nifty tool you can use once you visit this website. It’s called the Hotel Route Planner tool, and it can help you find hotels along I-75. You don’t have to calculate how far hotels along I-75 are anymore, and you certainly don’t have to look up how long it would take you to drive to hotels along I-75. You can fill in if you want the tool to search for hotels along I-75 within a mile radius, or if you’d rather it searches for hotels along I-75 in a certain timeframe. This means you can fill in that you want to rest in a hotel exactly 6 hours from where you first started driving, or exactly 200 miles from where you first got into your car. Isn’t that cool?

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