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studio 6 along routeFind Studio 6 hotels along your route:

Studio 6 hotels can be found all over the United States. The hotels in the Studio 6 chain are mostly located in the major business complexes, with easy access to the main roads and highways. However, the locations offer great access to both retail and shopping centers for your convenience. Also nearby you will find a choice of restaurants and entertainments facilities for you and your family. Studio 6 hotels can also be found in Canada.

A longer stay at Studio 6

Are you looking for a longer-term place to stay? Studio 6 offers a home away from home and the hotel rooms are perfect for those who are in need of temporary housing. The rooms in Studio 6 hotels are great for business guests in need of office facilities on the road. There are many facilities and amenities providing you with anything you need during your stay. Examples of these amenities available in your Studio 6 room are; a fully equipped kitchen including a quality microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and of course a stovetop. In addition you can make use of the data ports and WiFi as well as the voicemail facilities. Local phone calls are free of charge at Studio 6 and there is an expanded work area in your room. There are guest laundry facilities and you can enjoy the multi-channel TV with ESPN/ESPN 2, CNN, TBS, the weather channel and many other channels. The Studio 6 front desk staff are there to help you out and assist you with every request. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are clean and homely.

Booking your Studio 6 room the easy way

Make use of our easy travel planner on our website to find the best Studio 6 rooms closest to your destination or route. Simply enter your travel details and we will present you with available rooms on your route, all available at economic prices. Every hotel features a clear description of the available facilities and location. Book your room right away through our site and plan your trip to enjoy the best rates available.

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